About our class

This podcast is created by the students of the Vanderbilt University Spring 2021 Special Offering Course Monuments and Memory

In this course, we will explore the art and politics of public memory, through monuments, memorials, literature and art: How do societies remember histories of violence? Who decides which monuments are built (and which ones are destroyed)? How do individuals interact with public memorials? What is the role of social media in shaping cultural memory today? And who gets to tell the story of the past in the first place? With a focus on case studies from 20th and 21st century Germany, Russia, and East Europe–from Holocaust memorials to statues of Lenin–the course also works comparatively through collaborative projects on local public memory in Nashville and the American South.

Taught by Professors Kathryn David and Simone Stirner in the Department of German, Russian, and East European Studies at Vanderbilt University.

Supported by Amy Lynne Hill

Recorded and produced by our students.